The Transportation Industry is very vast, broad and there are different needs of both providers and customers throughout the industry. Our team provides technology that enables a capability for our clients and customers to stay the extra step ahead of their competition.

Here are some solutions our team has done for the Transportation industry, and to help give you an idea of what we can do for you:

  • Theft Prevention
  • Remote Maintenance Enhancement
  • Asset Location
  • Asset Location/Engine Monitoring
  • Complete Vehicle Monitoring
  • Empty/Full Load Monitoring
  • Motion Detection and Monitoring

Our team has built in a feature exclusively for the transportation industry into our software that assists in maintenance and inspection requirements. Through our technology and capabilities, we are able to communicate varying inspection requirements to your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Your assets will no longer miss mandated inspection requirements, allowing our clients and customers in the transportation industry to save both time and money.

The SATATRACK team would love to custom engineer a solution that meets your need in the transportation industry.