All of us with the SATATRACK team want to be as transparent as possible about who we are, what we do, what we provide, where we want to go, and how we are going to get there. We wanted to share three very important facets of what makes our team special.

The SATATRACK vision is: To be the preferred choice for all asset monitoring, asset location, and asset management solutions in the world.

The SATATRACK mission is: To continually develop an already committed team to leading in all we do- that is inspired by our values- and provides the best custom engineered solutions to our customers with the best customer service possible. With our client's successes, we will be enabled to positively impact the world around us, on a global scale!

Our team is proud of who we are, what we do, and what we offer the global market. More importantly, we are proud of how we got where we are today and where we are going tomorrow. These six key components that we do business by and live by every day, and those are:

People: People are at the root of all we do. We value both their individual skill sets and their collective value when part of a team. People make the SATATRACK team what it is- from clients, vendors and suppliers- we value them both collectively and individually.

Integrity: We believe in not only doing the right things, but doing the right things the right way. Integrity is an integral part of who we are as a team and a cornerstone in the way we do business.

Teamwork: We understand the power of a team and the power of a group of people coming together and working toward a common goal can yield. Teamwork is crucial to who we are, how we solve problems, custom engineer solutions, and meet needs.

Leadership: We strive to lead our industry in all we do and we aim to inspire the individuals in our organization to be the best at what they do in every aspect. We desire that on every level, every facet of what we do, and in all the relationships we continually develop.

Service: We are a team dedicated to meaningful service. We strive to go beyond proving a service to our customers and clients. It is our endeavor to serve not only our communities, but serve the world. We maintain the capability to reach out and touch the world, and we are dedicated to making the world a better place every day.

Innovation: Innovation is a key component to what we do and what we provide. We welcome new ideas, new thoughts and new systems to do what we already effectively do, better. We never stop improving, and we do this through innovation.