Logistics and Emergency Services Asset Management

The SATATRACK team provides the technology and capability for the logistics and emergency services industries to track, monitor, and automate many of their needs. We provide the capability for these companies to see, track, and monitor their assets as they are deployed around the world in support of various operations. We provide the capability to automate maintenance schedules for all types of equipment, automate remote fueling operations through remote monitoring, as well as provide the capability to monitor critical functions remotely.

Here are a few solutions our team provides the logistics and emergency services industries, and to help you get an idea of what our team can provide for you:

  • Mobile Station Internet Connections
  • Satellite to WiFi Internet Connections
  • Potable Water Remote Monitoring
  • Remote Fuel Monitoring
  • Critical Capability Monitoring
  • Remote Worker Location
  • Automated Maintenance Scheduling
  • Generator Maintenance Automation
  • Asset Location
  • Asset Reconciliation
  • Anti-Theft Monitoring
  • Leak Detection

We understand and recognize the logistics and emergency services industries have unique circumstances and requirements many other industries do not, and often cannot rely on established local infrastructure to accomplish their mission and goals. The SATATRACK team offers many different types of technology and complete solutions that assist the logistics and emergency services industries in all aspects.

The SATATRACK team would love to custom engineer a solution that meets your needs throughout the logistics and emergency services industries.