If you didn't see your industry specifically listed, that's O.K.! We are not limited to just those industries, and we serve many, many more that we have not listed. Please let us know your need and we can custom engineer a solution that meets your specific need.

Here are some other industries we have and can design custom engineered solutions for, to give you an idea to what other 'Infinite Solutions' we can provide:

  • Shrimp Boats in the Seafood Industry
  • Fractional Yacht Ownership
  • Sailboat Charters
  • Various Agencies throughout the United States Government
  • Remote Workers in various industries throughout the world

The SATATRACK team is as creative as your need is and we are not limited by a certain product or product requirement. If you have any type of asset location, asset management, or remote monitoring need, we would love to hear from you and get started on a custom engineered solution specific to your need!