True GPS Asset Tracking and Remote Monitoring

True-Satellite GPS is exactly what it sounds like. It is a piece of hardware that communicates with satellites that orbit Mother Earth in the atmosphere. The SATATRACK team uses these receivers to transmit data, location, speed of travel, data AND location and much, much more. We have various types of receivers that work throughout the world.

Now... There are options for the GPS receivers we provide and there are great differences between all of them. The receiver our team would integrate would be based on your need. Do you need to have the capability to go and 'grab' the data, or do you need data to be sent to you at programmed intervals?

Our team has the capability to provide a solution for however simple or complex your need is through sensor integration using true satellite receivers. All of the true satellite receivers and the data they transmit can be seen through the integration of our web-application.

If you can't see your asset or have access to the data you need, what is the point anyway- right?