Cellular Asset Tracking and Remote Monitoring

Most people in the world use cellular technology, and use it every day. A cellular receiver uses cellular technology to transmit data, location, speed of travel, data AND location and much, much more. We can provide cellular capability with the major cellular providers. We just need to know what cellular service works best in your area or where you asset will be.

Now... There are options for the cellular receivers we provide and what the SATATRACK team can do with them. Think about this: Imagine the capability you have with your cell phone. Now, imagine attaching a sensor and integrating the sensor to your cell phone with the capability to track your phone, and receive the data you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That is the capability we have with a cellular receiver.

Our team has the capability to provide a solution for however simple or complex your need is through sensor integration using cellular receivers. All of the cellular receivers and the data they transmit can be 'seen' through the integration of our web-application.

Just to make sure- Our team doesn't actually integrate a cellular 'phone' with your asset. You probably assumed or knew that already, we just wanted to make sure. Although, we could if you wanted us to...