A Robust Software Interface

Our software is another piece that separates us from our competitors. We have dynamic, customer and client friendly software that allows you- the end user- to modify a multitude of parameters to get the data you need or want, and only that data through the web-application. The software is a big part of the total custom engineered package you receive, and a huge part of what we offer.

The SATATRACK team not only custom engineers the hardware to provide the remote monitoring or asset location capability, we also have custom engineered the software. If there isn't a piece of data that you need or we don't already have built into the system- guess what! We'll build it in for you! We have added functions and built functions into our software for other customers and clients, and we can do that for you as well.

Instant alerts through email and text message are becoming more popular and becoming critical to our customers. Through our software, we have the capability to send alert messages through email and text message if your asset goes in or out of a certain 'condition'. This means if 'liquid level' gets too low, an email and/or text message will be sent to whoever needs to know. That is one extremely basic example of an alert type capable through our software.The software platform is so dynamic, robust, user friendly and is able to provide customers and clients so much data comparing different software platforms is like comparing apples and oranges. Again, our software capability is just another part of why we're different.