Accurate Data Measurement

Use of sensors and sensor integration is a huge part of what we do. The SATATRACK team is able to integrate sensors with various transmitters to allow you to 'see' and get the critical data that you need. Our team doesn't use any one specific type of sensor or apply a sensor to a certain scenario. We use sensors a part of our custom engineering process to 'read' and 'get' the data you need from your assets.

A wonderful part of sensor integration is that it allows you to monitor your asset and 'see' your asset from the use of a device connected to the internet- meaning your smartphone, tablet or computer. It is important for us to understand your need to get the right sensor applied, with the right application to get the most ACCURATE data you need.

Sensors are not a limiting factor for us. We use and integrate sensors for our clients that have a wide range of varying classifications. The STATRACK team uses a multitude of varying sensors and integrate those sensors to meet your need.