Asset Location, Asset Monitoring, Asset Management

In order to design a custom engineered asset location, asset monitoring, and asset management solution we are going to need your help- both to completely understand your need AND to design the best the best solution for you. In other words... It is crucial that you are part of the team and we love growing the team!

We have designed the guide below to help us both. This guide will give you an idea of the types of questions we are going to ask, completely understand your need, and get the right data together to get going on your custom engineered solution. There will more than likely be some specific questions our team will through the process, but we want to make sure your solution is exactly right.

What We Need

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What We Need Questions

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Don't worry, the SATATRACK team will probably ask some questions and request information you may not have readily available, or didn't think we would ask. That's alright. We realize we do this every day, and most of our customers do not. To our team- that's a good thing! We just ask that you work with us, because in the end, it's all for you.